Expanding The Cast

CALLBACKS: We Want Wizards, Meet Susan: I Made You Deaf

Gryfft co-wrote this one. Props to you, Gryfft!

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    1. You have anticipated my complaint, Matt. Now, in keeping with the traditions of my ancestors, we must fight to the death.

  1. I seriously hope that the new characters stay and are called Ali (or Alexis), Kala (or Kalae) and um, er, Zamantha. Or Zale.

      1. ALi, KAla, ZAM.
        The first parts of their names spell out Alakazam, the word of creation.

        Yea… Zamantha (or Zale) was the best I could come up with.

      1. Jackson, you need to give this poor wizard useful powers! Like the ability to instantly make sandwiches with his mind!

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