CALLBACKS: We Want Wizards, Meet Susan: I Made You Deaf, Expanding The Cast

Gryfft co-wrote this one too. When we stand together, we are funnier than we ever could be on our own.

Preorders for the new Robots Steel My Heart shirt are open through April 1st! Place yours today! I copied and pasted this bit from the last comic.


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    1. Amy is turning out to be a real fan favorite! There will be a spin-off series, “Amy’s Adventures,” and it will eclipse Sketch Comedy in popularity, eventually displacing it entirely. Action what? What robot? It’s gonna be all Amy comics all the time from here on out! I’m very excited about this development.

    1. That reminds me… whatever happened with Howard and his redstone? We never found out why he was after it or what he did with it.

  1. I also like Amy, and I’m not just saying that to bother James.
    I particularly like Shadow Amy from Panel 3… which sounds like a 50′s B movie, or a weird 90′s romantic comedy, or a sitcom episode name.

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