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  1. Zot the newbies out of existence? Nice try, but you ain’t going to make a fool of me.

    We lost Long Hair (the best), Ms. Sweater Vest and um, the third one when they just…. exited stage left. We can’t lose all of them. I hope that at least some of these ‘characters’ stick around

      1. Language is right, what the !@#$ kind of cuss word is $#%. Three letters? What word could you have been using.

        1. Grawlix aren’t a 1:1 orthographic representation of the profanity they replace. You must have been thinking of asterisks: ****.

          You’re welcome.

  2. The Jackson giveth, and the Jackson taketh away. But yeah, as long as that tag is Death (the concept) and not the full-blown character of Death, come to take away our sweet new characters, hopefully we don’t have anything to worry about, and dear sweet Anneliese is safe.
    Wait, whatever happened to Death? Jackson, does your character assassination know no bounds?

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