Phasing Out

CALLBACKS: Expanding The Cast, Kind of a Big Deal, The Further Demands Of The Warehouse Guys

Oh hey! In case you don’t read the blog, I had a guest strip up over at Moth and Ethan yesterday. You should go check out Moth and Ethan because it is pretty sweet.

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  1. Hey, does everyone remember how in Garfield the dog Odie had an owner named Lyman and the dude just totally vanished. Do that to Amy here.

    Or do what Captain Kirk would do and Phaser her body out of existance. Problem solved.

    1. If she was wearing a red shirt, Kirk would send her on an away message and get rid of her that way.

  2. You know what other character Sketch Comedy needs? A talking duck who’s also a secret agent!

    1. And a wacky evil scientist with zany schemes to conquer the Tri-State Area! And two inventor genius brothers who fill their summer with outlandish inventions!

          1. Hey, be glad you have a job, Karen. 😛 I still think Howard needs to have useful powers, though.

  3. Let’s not get too carried away with personal demands. Or else I demand that failed musician dude criticize AKB48 and NONAME. That’d take Jackson’s mind off new characters for a couple of strips at leat.

      1. What do I care? He’s simply wrong. I’ll start considering myself a failed musician when I stop making music.

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