Strip Search 1 Space And Ping Pong

original comic artwork for penny arcade strip search elimination round 1

The original art for this strip is straight-up available in the store, yo!

This strip was inspired by Penny Arcade’s new reality show, Strip Search. When two contestants are up for elimination, they have 90 minutes to create a comic strip incorporating two randomly-chosen themes. I and other cartoonists have been playing along at home! The first day’s elimination round featured the themes of space and ping pong. Here’s a Sketch-Comedy take on the subject in which James and Teri enjoy a friendly game of table tennis.

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  1. But what about space and pinball? You know, that “3D Space Pinball” game that came with Windows XP?

    1. Honestly, that would probably be more exciting than James and Teri’s Space Ping Pong game. I played that game to absolute death my freshman year of college.

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