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  1. Ooh, ooh! if you are ending, dibs on the hot tub. Plus could you give mea contact point for the wizard? Thx.

      1. Hey Howard, I think I met your cousin yesterday. He looked like you, except with a longer, white beard, and his robes were purple.

  2. No, don’t jump!
    Awww, and I just found the comic too!
    It’s not because of me, right?? I can go, if it will help…

      1. Good catch, Andy D. I’ll fix that right away.

        While we’re on the subject of tags, I’d have thought the “melodrama” tag might clue people in that while Cartoon Jackson is thinking of quitting the comic, Cartoonist Jackson has no intention of throwing in the towel. Perhaps I underestimated the potentcy of my own melodrama!

        Yeah, we’ll go with that. It sounds better than “the cartoonist failed to communicate his ideas clearly.”

        1. I think possibly it’s hard to tell which is the cartoonist and which is the cartoon (for the uninformed)?
          I’m probably a bit slow, but I somehow failed to realize that there was a difference between cartoon and cartoonist until I saw them both in the same place.

          So, how does the cartoon quit if the cartoonist doesn’t want them to? Even if the cartoon Jackson jumped he wouldn’t die, a la loony toons.
          There is no escape…

  3. Three years? Yeah, that sounds about right for a cartoonist to get bored of his hobby. Shame, I liked it.

  4. DANG IT JACKSON! I didn’ need a bombshell like this on a Friday night! D:<

    Ohhh a Melodrama tag.
    I have NO idea what melodrama is, but reading your comment on it helped my nerves. 😀

    Also cool Doofenshmirtz building… Never understood how can that thing function. 😛

    1. Hey, Gab! Thanks for the compliments on my Doofenshmirtz-inspired architecture. I hope the song ran through people’s heads when they saw it.

      As for “melodrama,” it’s basically drama cranked up to 11. When the author stirs up conflict for its own sake, just to create tension and (hopefully) hook the audience with all the excitement, that’s melodrama. Apparently my melodrama is working! Bwahahaha!

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