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  1. So What, Pearls Before Swine has been doing this for years. Either accept the meta physical nature of your comic strip and run with it or develop a plotline and run with that.

  2. I’m confused. Am I supposed to look at the strip or the comics at this site? They’re both pretty funny.

  3. Is it true you are ending your webcomic “SKetch comedy” after 3 years since 2010! (:o iam a new reader well since few months when i unknowingly saw it while looking at tv trope, if its true that this webcomic is ending ! what will you do now?

  4. meta isn’t necessarily bad if you do it well. Neon Genesis Evangelion, for example, was one giant META anime about Hideaki Anno’s three year deep depression and self-hatred presented in an exciting futuristic arena where the fate of the human race is at at stake. And then there’s the Harvey Pekar route.

    1. I’m not sure if NGE would technically qualify as a “meta” anime. It’s certainly a kind of autobiographical metaphor, but it doesn’t overtly acknowledge its anime-ness or the fact that there are viewers watching it. The characters aren’t aware of their status as characters in an anime. (The next-episode teasers, complete with Misato’s promises of “more fanservice!”, are an exception, but with animated shows, that’s nothing surprising.)

      Pekar’s American Splendor is certainly an example of well-executed meta-cartooning. Pekar uses the comic to directly address the reader and increases intimacy by acknowledging his medium.

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