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  1. I think Total Recall had a better inversion of this last panel when Clone A asked, “Can you fly this thing”? Clone B: “Better than you can”. Clone A: “Well, that’s good, because your shooting SUCKS”. Sorry for spoiling, but not only the negative works better, but they did not even have to _mention_ the obvious.

      1. I realize it was a Richard critique, but I was doing code reviews for weeks now. Can you imagine they pay good money for being a Richard to other engineers by pointing out obvious mistakes?

        1. So, we are still left with every time I create a new character with my Creator Magic (in the Susan strip, I identify the phenomenon as a “creative explosion,” so I really can’t argue the point there), plus the thing where I want to draw a Prinny. Congratulations, Dwight; you have successfully demonstrated that there have been seven distinct explosions in the course of Sketch Comedy to date. Are you happy? Does your victory bring you joy? Do you feel good about yourself because I made a statement and you pointed out that it was wrong? Feel good, Dwight. This is truly your greatest moment of triumph.

  2. It’s just like tackling the start of a new game!

    Except with less drawing and more game development.

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