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CALLBACKS: Minecraft: Great, Minecraft II: Guess Who’s Back, Thinking

Because I know someone is going to mistake him for like Independent Music James or something, the guy in panel 4 is Bloggy Bloggerville’s very own Matt Rizkallah!

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    1. The thumbs don’t usually count, but at times we can be inconsistent–as with anything else in this ridiculous language. “I before E except after C, or when sounded as “A,” as in neighbor and weigh?” What the heck is that junk?

      1. I don’t know. Sometimes unintended confetti panels can really drive home the celebratory nature. Not to mention, since it’s all a dream… accuracy is subjective! Abstraction win!

      1. Steve shall now be a new character in the comic, appearing alongside Howard in his Minecrafting adventures.

        I said it in the comments, LET IT BE CANON!

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