Minecraft III Trapped With Ubiquitus Moss

CALLBACKS: Minecraft III The Cold Open, Ubiquitus Moss, Ubiquitus Moss Again

I got three comics done this week! You know, if you count that throwaway title card logo thing. Hopefully I can get the next strip done for Monday, so we can go back to our usual schedule.

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      1. Plot twist: Ed is actually Jackson’s brother, being forced to make notes under his alternate identity, Ed Itor.

  1. As to the title text, Pinky Pie and Becky would would make for an interesting team. They are both just slightly crazy. Pinky more so than Becky. Think of the puns though.
    Alternately, you could just move the guys outside?

    1. Much as I’d like to move the guys outside, for storyline reasons I am already committed to the Nether. Still, The Adventures of Pinkie Pie and Becky would be fantastic, as long as I can think up a justification that is sufficiently parody-and-fair-use…

      Thanks for the comment!

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