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      1. Oh, sure, you can say it, but when I insult the commenters, I get put in the Disciplinary Action Pit.

  1. This comic is educational… I had never heard of either of those chili’s.
    Up here we have Chili’s Restaurant, but I’m not sure if they have chili on the menu…
    Edit: Thanks to Google I now know that you can, in fact, get chili at Chili’s

    1. Also, I had never heard of Cincinnati style chili… wonder what makes it different from other chili’s?

      1. Thanks for the comments, Andy; I’m glad I could educate you. Please allow me to educate you further.

        Cincinnati-style chili is Greek in origin, basically a meat sauce with different spices, some of which you wouldn’t typically associate with chili. (It’s said that Skyline is flavored with chocolate and cinnamon.) Outside of Cincinnati, our chili is controversial, and in places such as Texas, it’s even considered a blasphemy against all that is chili. Within Cincy, though, we’re all generally agreed that it’s legitimate chili; the real polarizing issue here is Skyline vs. Gold Star.

        And Now You Know ™.

      2. Well, the flavor/spices are one thing. It also has a little more even texture, less chunky. And, you serve it on hot dogs or spaghetti.

  2. I loved his expression of resolve, almost made me think he would finally get it, I dunno, may be enough chilli for the world would create the amount of people going to the wc at the same time to sync the toilets whirls and commence a counter gyroscopic effect invalidating earth’s gravitation in space!, I MUST DESTROY THE CHILLI…

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