Based On Actual Tweets

Today’s comic draws its text entirely from tweets exchanged by me and @DaveRayTaylor, a family friend. You should follow him if you would like your Twitter feed to be filled with retweeted in-jokes from people you don’t know, and Ya Boy Bill Nye.

Today’s comic is also two-tier, because I love you.

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  1. Interesting… One of the questions on today’s XKCD is “Why is Ohio weather so weird?” I wonder if these are related.

    Also, I don’t get the whole flower shop in Beijing thing… Is that one of the in-jokes?

    1. Also, “Why is there so much rain in Ohio” and “Why are there so many birds in Ohio”
      Ohio is apparently weird.

      1. Actually David is a West Virginia native, and is currently studying biology at Concord University. That said, Ohio is still pretty weird, even without any David Ray Taylor in it.

    2. Nope–it could just as easily have been an industrial steel mill in Taiwan, or the 30-metre line of a rugby pitch in England, or the Taj Mahal. It is simply a random location!

  2. Gotta love those Upads. Reminds me of Phil on Duck Dynasty, when he told his granddaughters to put down those “wiipods”.

  3. Absolutely perfect and exactly what I imagined it would be. Ahh, but alas, the rains are yet to relinquish the physical laws from nature, and most regrettably, the rains have yet to eradicate the horrible text contained within my physics book. I shall be haunted until my soul is severed from the clutches of physics. What shall I do to cope? I know. Read Jackson Ferrell’s intelligently humorous comedy sketches. I love it, Jax. This comic actually relieved me from doing physics homework momentarily. You saved me for 10 minutes. Haha

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