Ask Mr. Science: Electromagnetism

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Tune in next week for more Mr. Science, who is rapidly turning out to be the Hot Tub of 2013. And don’t forget to send him your own science questions!

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    1. I’m down here in the comments, Michael. The guy in the strip is Mr. Science.

      And yes, he probably did learn this stuff in school, but he doesn’t want to deprive Timmy of the learning opportunity. Do you want to deprive Timmy of the learning opportunity, Michael? Do you?

      1. Oh so Mr. Science is your twin brother. I see how it is now.

        But he still could have told him this and it would have been a learning opportunity.

        1. The real question is, why didn’t Timmy learn about electromagnetism in school? This, it seems, is yet another failing of the American educational system.

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