The Brief Yet Awesome Adventures of Joe Harris, Expert Colorist, Plus a Bunch of Stuff You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

Joe Harris confronts Death for the cover of The Brief Yet Awesome Adventures of Joe Harris By now, you’ve probably noticed the banners floating around for our new eBook, The Brief Yet Awesome Adventures of Joe Harris, Expert Colorist, and wondered, “What’s up with that?” Allow us to fill you in:

When Sketch Comedy first launched in October 2010, the Sketch Comedy Subscriber’s Edition launched alongside it. For $3 a month, subscribers got early access to strips, bonus comics and behind-the-scenes extras, and through December 2010, color versions of regular strips, courtesy of expert colorist Joe Harris. Brief Yet Awesome Adventures collects Joe’s 29 full-color strips (including an exclusive oversized comic in classic Pungirls! style), and adds extra artwork, creator commentary, and additional content from the Subscriber’s Edition.

You can purchase it with Paypal via the banner above the comic, or buy it from the Sketch Comedy Store. Check out the store’s product listing for sample panels of Joe’s coloring!

You can see more of Joe’s work at his portfolio site,

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