Serious As A Heart Attack

CALLBACKS: The Status Is Not Quo, The Sketch Comedy Show

One might have forgotten that Karen has unresolved beef with my cartooning, but one would be forgiven. We have been kind of futzing around with me getting shipped to Siberia, and navel-gazing cartoonist angst, and Minecraft.

In other news, check out our still-relatively-new eBook, The Brief Yet Awesome Adventures of Joe Harris, Expert Colorist, Plus a Bunch of Stuff You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet!

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  1. Karen looks like she needs more sleep in that first panel.
    I understand that she may be upset, but it’s not worth hurting her health over.

    1. Thanks for your concern, Andy, but I’ve been sleeping all right. That’s just the cartoonist’s best attempt at drawing determined anger. Perhaps I should add that to my laundry list of grievances.

  2. I see where the pattern is going on the elevator numbers (2.9375, 2.96875, etc.), but I just can’t quite define the formula. This is what I get for reading Sketch Comedy in the afternoon at work instead of on a well-rested weekend morning.

    (OH and I guess the limit of the function as x approaches infinity is 3)

    I’ll get this…

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