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  1. Why am I thinking that Howard was in the strip a long time before Cerebus raised its ugly heads?

    I’ve been reading that as Cerberus all this time, and wondering what a three headed hell hound has to do with anything.
    Though, I can see where Cerberus and Death would be linked.

    1. OK, so Howard was brought in on the 4th strip, and Karen and Becky were brought in a couple strips later. There were a lot of beat panels, and then the Cerebus Incident.
      2011/01/25/a-shift-in-tone is the first with Becky and Howard in the same strip, but I guess I assumed since they were both living there that they had met before?
      Also, at this point Karen had driven away, so when did she first meet Howard?

      You don’t actually have Howard and Karen in the same frame until 2011/06/28/karen-throws-a-party

      1. I consciously decided not to reveal where, if anywhere, Howard lives. Evidently I didn’t do a good job of conveying it, but I always saw 2011/01/25/a-shift-in-tone as the first time Becky and Howard met. Here is an old dude showing up in her apartment uninvited, asking for weird ingredients! Howard is kind of sketchy.

        1. I kind of assumed Howard lived in a rickety old tower in an enchanted forest. Isn’t that where all wizards live?

        2. Maybe not so much sketchy as hasn’t been around long enough to learn social norms?
          Then again, taking into account where we are, I guess they are all kinda sketchy.

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