More Mines, More Craft

So, apart from working on my portfolio, I have also been hard at work in the world of Minecraft. Behold the fruits of my labor!

Minecraft - Jackson's Cool House
Jackson’s Cool House.

Minecraft - Jackson's Cool House - back porch dock
Jackson’s Cool House as seen from the rear

Minecraft - Catginald the cat, in the sunroom of Jackson's Cool House
Sadly, Catginald is no longer with us, as he drowned in the hot tub.

Exterior view of Jackson's Roundhouse
Door view of Jackson's Roundhouse
Jackson’s Roundhouse

Interior view of Jackson's Roundhouse
More like Jackson’s doghouse! So mines, much craft, wow.

Baconia Transit Authority - Cactus Station
Baconia Transit Authority – Cactus Station

Baconia Transit Authority - Cactus Station platform
The platform.
Baconia Transit Authority - Green Line
The Green Line connects Cactus and Pumpkin Station.
Baconia Transit Authority - Pumpkin Station
Pumpkin Station arrival/departure platform.
Baconia Transit Authority - Pumpkin Station
And here is Pumpkin Station.

Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel as viewed from Tower Road
Evergreen Chapel.
Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel, courtyard
Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel, narthex
The narthex! I love the word ‘narthex.’
Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel, interior
Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel, interior
There is artwork in the left arm of the transept.
Minecraft - Evergreen Chapel, interior
As viewed from the nave, just beside the pulpit.

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  1. I will always be in wonder how I get on this server, if it is even possible.

    Great builds, man.

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