Becky And The Pterodactyl

Original Comic: Published Dec 31, 2015

Continuity! Heavens!

I’ve got something I want to share with you. To create this comic, I brainstormed a list of annoying activities for the pterodactyl, then picked the funniest ones for it to afflict Becky with. Here’s a sample of the┬álist:

  • Listening without headphones to music in a genre I dislike while riding riding public transportation
  • Espousing views and opinions contrary to my own
  • Hijacking the conversation
  • Outsourcing American jobs to foreign labor
  • Posting Star Wars spoilers on the internet
  • Mansplaining
  • Double-dipping
  • Taking the last deviled egg without asking if anyone else wants the last deviled egg
  • Interrupting my Me Time
  • Infringing upon my second amendment rights
  • Conducting routine server maintenance during peak access hours

You can read the full list if you’re a $5+/month supporter on the Sketch Comedy Patreon–plus other bonuses. Pledge today!

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