Original Comic: Published May 23, 2016
Sponsor: Robert Gryfft
Theme: Jacksonland

Jacksonland isn’t real. But you know what is real? The Sketch Comedy Patreon, to which you should pledge monthly, thereby obtaining sweet bonuses such as early access to all the comics. There are piles and piles of comics in there that only my Patrons have seen! But no Jacksonland. That’s not real.

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  1. I wish comics were still made. 🙁

    If I had infinity dollars I would pay you to just do what you loved and make comics like the good ole days of Sketch Comedy.

    1. Matt, I only just saw this comment this afternoon, and it is straight-up tearing a hole in my business. I’m not sure what I love to do! And sometimes it is important to do what you hate to do. Sometimes that is how we grow. And sometimes it is important to do what you love because you love it, not for money.

      I am figuring out what I love.

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