A Single Panel Murder Mystery

This comic was sponsored by Robert Gryfft. His chosen theme was “A Single Panel Murder Mystery,” which is exactly what we have. Can you solve the mystery before tomorrow’s comic posts, tomorrow? If you’ve enjoyed this comic, please consider making a one-time donation via Paypal or a recurring monthly pledge via Patreon. Thanks for reading […]


Original Comic: Published May 23, 2016 Sponsor: Robert Gryfft Theme: Jacksonland Jacksonland isn’t real. But you know what is real? The Sketch Comedy Patreon, to which you should pledge monthly, thereby obtaining sweet bonuses such as early access to all the comics. There are piles and piles of comics in there that only my Patrons […]

The Karen Show

Original Comic: Published May 16, 2016 FUN FACT: This marks Karen’s first Sketch Comedy appearance since the Sketch Comedy Patreon began. FUN FACT: Pledge on Patreon for early access to more comics, very few of which feature Karen! I know this is disappointing but I’m trying my best.