Sketch Comedy on Patreon?

Would you be willing to pledge at least one dollar a month for at least one comic a month via Patreon? While I’ve been working on my long-form comic book project Space Trader (which you can read about by subscribing to The Big J), I’ve started missing the simplicity of comic strips and jokes. Thus, […]

Pinhook 2013

The 2013 Pinhook Slalom Open is tomorrow, and I’m going to be there! You may recall Sketch Comedy partnering with Envision Skate Collective last year to promote and support Pinhook 2012, and this year we’re doing it again. First, we’ll be selling the original art shown above and donating the proceeds to charity:water. Additionally, I’ll […]

It’s Spam Comment Friday

One of the best parts of creating a webcomic is interacting with you, the readers. However, automated spambots attempt to inundate my comments section with links to questionable internet locations, and I have to employ a comment filter to keep out the spam! Most of it is obnoxiously blatant (e.g. anything referring to a “weblog,” […]

Welcome Multiplex Readers!

I have a guest strip up at Multiplex today! To all the visitors coming over from Multiplex: welcome! Sketch Comedy is a metahumor-and-pop-culture-commentary strip that updates on Tuesdays, Fridays, and sometimes other days too. Gordon McAlpin himself has appeared as a character in it: not once, not twice, but three times! As movie enthusiasts, you […]

Katy Perry and Announcements

Today, James offers us his unique critical perspective on Katy Perry. It should surprise no one that James is a grammar Nazi. I’ve also got some announcements for you. First of all, I will be discontinuing the Subscribers’ Edition in its current incarnation effective August 31st. My current subscription service provider takes a sizeable cut […]

Real Life Guest Strip!

I have a guest strip up at Real Life Comics! Go check it out. Real Life is pretty cool, and it is at its pretty-coolest when it has alternate dimensions. Sometimes it is just an autobiographical slice-of-life comic, but that’s cool too. I’d also like to extend a big welcome to the visitors stopping by […]