Guest Strip at The Underfold!

Guess what? I’ve got a guest strip up at The Underfold today! It is rife with Underfold in-jokes, both Ultimate and Silver Age. If you have come from The Underfold and are visiting Sketch Comedy for the first time, did you know that Underfold creator Brian Russell is a frequent visitor within Sketch Comedy? Check […]

Pinhook 2013

The 2013 Pinhook Slalom Open is tomorrow, and I’m going to be there! You may recall Sketch Comedy partnering with Envision Skate Collective last year to promote and support Pinhook 2012, and this year we’re doing it again. First, we’ll be selling the original art shown above and donating the proceeds to charity:water. Additionally, I’ll […]

Multiplex: The Card Game

You are almost certainly familiar with Gordon McAlpin (either through my numerous comics where he makes an appearance or because you came here from my Multiplex guest strip from last Thursday). Well, Gordon recently finished his first semester of grad school, and one of his final projects was to create a game. He chose to […]

Announcement: Wes Molebash’s Insert Image (and Big O Parody Week)

Did you know Wes Molebash is launching a new webcomic? It’s called Insert Image, and it launches August 6. It stars JP and Miles, the creative team at Paper City Church (pictured above), who spend their workdays drinking coffee and commenting on pop culture and church culture. I know from his past strips You’ll Have […]

Meet RedditMeet

Today I bring you not only an extra comic featuring Howard, but also a new way to network socially. You may check them both out at What is RedditMeet? The brainchild of Robert Gryfft (yes, that Robert Gryfft) and Nelson Blaha, RedditMeet is a new app for finding people near you with similar interests. […]

Brian Russell’s What I Remember About Dinosaurs

If you’ve been around SC for any length of time, you’re probably familiar with my fellow cartoonist Brian Russell. I wanted to let you know about his latest book project, What I Remember About Dinosaurs. In the past few decades, we’ve seen large changes in our understanding of dinosaurs. We’ve seen closer and closer links […]

Minecraft II: Humor Me

CALLBACKS: Minecraft: Great, Minecraft II: Guess Who’s Back Hey, I got a shout-out from Unwinder’s Tall Comics over the weekend! You should go check out Unwinder’s Tall Comics, because it is a good comic and it is updating regularly again as of late. +1 +1 +1! Hey, also I got a shout-out from Robert Montoya […]

Plan X Media and The Hunger Games

I’ve got something to share with you. Plan X Media (of which Sketch Comedy is an affiliate) recently launched its website and has since updated with several new movie reviews–most notably its review of The Hunger Games. Plan X prez Ash Green takes a critical look at the popular movie, and his review is an […]