Nintendo Hard

CALLBACKS: Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: A Link to the Past, It’s Not Like We Played These Games for the Plot, Anyway, the Eighties Brian Russell of The Underfold continues to be a guest. He is welcome anytime, as long as he doesn’t mind having his entire past fabricated by the demented retcons of the cartoonist.

Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: A Link to the Past

CALLBACKS: The Total Quarterback Rating Explained, Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine (bonus outtake panel available at the Facebook page) Today Sketch Comedy has a very special visitor: Brian Russell of The Underfold! You may recall him from his recent guest strip for us, or our recent guest strip for him. Today I had him over to […]

I am a Purchasing Rockstar: Firing on All Cylinders

CALLBACKS: The Purchasing Rockstar Archives This Purchasing Rockstar strip basically happened, unbidden, during a phone call to Rick Betschen of JRB Machine Tool. The first two panels are a nigh-verbatim transcript of our conversation. Rick is an actual rock star, in that he knows how to play the guitar and has played in bands. That’s […]