Arguments (Guest-Written by David Cody Cook)

This strip was written by David Cody Cook of Cody’s Black Box. Props to the DCC. This is probably not the optimal comic to follow my Calamities of Nature parody, as you might well accuse me of doing here with Independent Music James what Tony Piro does with Aaron the mole. And it’s anyone’s guess […]

Cynic Sue

Perhaps you’ve read Tony Piro’s webcomic Calamities of Nature before. Its core cast of five “funny animals” provides an outside perspective on human nature, society, science, religion, philosophy, and bacon. I had a lot of fun emulating Tony’s subtly-colored, hatched artwork for this parody–say what you will about his humor, but you can really tell […]

The Never-Ending Quest for Relevance

Gordon McAlpin makes another guest appearance in this strip. Additionally, he co-wrote it. Gordon is a master of mixing the topical and the timeless in his own comic strip, Multiplex, about the staff of a fictional movie theater. But you knew that already, because I’m constantly mentioning it all the time.

Reader Mailbag: Bishop Berkeley

Thanks for the email, Chris B.! Props also to Robert Montoya for helping with the writing and research on this one. Somehow, I don’t think I had ever heard of Bishop Berkeley before fielding this question. It’s nice to have a wide receiver you can defer these things to.