The first two of these signs are actual Tire Discounters displays. Another good one that I’ve seen is “WE’RE TOO MODEST TO BE THIS GOOD.” Also: “QU!T 5T34LIN6 O R LETT3R$” and “CHAOS, PANIC AND DISORDER: MY WORK HERE IS DONE” They’re amusing, but half of the humor is the audacity that they have to […]

Rejected Super Bowl Strips

Co-writing comics with Robert Montoya has required some extra effort to come up with scripts we’re both pleased with, and we’ve had to scrap a few ideas in the process. Writing is re-writing, as they say. Also, here’s a closer look at my shirt.

Ubiquitus Moss Again

Robert Montoya had a hand in this one as well. The punchline is mine, though; I find Descartes reedeeculous Frahhnch ack-scent to be inordinately funny. P.S. Have you seen the award presentation I drew for the 2010 Webcomic List Awards? Have you seen all the awards presentations?