The Revenge Of The Warehouse Guys 6

CALLBACKS: The Revenge Of The Warehouse Guys 1, Introducing the New Robot: Reader Mailbag, Is There Anything You Do Thats Not Hot Tub Comics, The Demands Of The Warehouse Guys, Discontinuities 1, Minecraft II: Guess Who’s Back, Sins of the Howard So long, Dave and Keith! Sketch Comedy resumes as what passes for normal around […]

The Revenge Of The Warehouse Guys 2

Hey, guys, it’s Dave! We hacked into Jackson’s site and now we’re gonna be bringing you Warehouse Guy comics every day of the week! We’ll write a new about page and a new store and stuff just as soon as we figure out how to change everything, but for now we’ve got a new logo […]

Guest Strip By David Ferrell: Somebody Needs To Clean The Hot Tub

This sketchy guest strip comes from my lazy brother, David, who could not be bothered to do more than penciled lineart. Apparently the hot tub has been neglected in my absence! Tune in tomorrow to see where I have been, in a comic with legitimate artwork.