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Original Comic: Published Mar 10, 2016 They probably don’t even play this song on the radio anymore. But you know what? The references in these comics would still be timely if you’d pledge on Patreon for immediate access to all the comics! And what’s more, you wouldn’t have to put up with my shills for […]

Phasing Out

CALLBACKS: Expanding The Cast, Kind of a Big Deal, The Further Demands Of The Warehouse Guys Oh hey! In case you don’t read the blog, I had a guest strip up over at Moth and Ethan yesterday. You should go check out Moth and Ethan because it is pretty sweet.


CALLBACKS: We Want Wizards, Meet Susan: I Made You Deaf, Expanding The Cast Gryfft co-wrote this one too. When we stand together, we are funnier than we ever could be on our own. Preorders for the new Robots Steel My Heart shirt are open through April 1st! Place yours today! I copied and pasted this […]