Introducing The New Character Dan The Man With The Unmarked Van

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Regarding Craigslist Peter Metzger came up with the term “faceism” at this year’s Pinhook Slalom Open. I came up with Dan the Man with the Unmarked Van. Did you notice that August is Half Price Art Month? 50% off all original comic strip art from the Sketch Comedy Store!

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CALLBACKS: Hot Dogs, Hot Vampire Romance, Meet Susan: Sign Language, The Demands Of The Warehouse Guys, Discontinuities 1, Introducing the New Robot: Reader Mailbag, Wizard Needs Food Badly Of course, in panel 2 I neglected to mention Howard’s grievances. Man, I really am a jerk in this comic.

Hot Vampire Romance

CALLBACKS: Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers, Situation Comedy Deliberately Antagonistic Twilight Sparkle is funny to me. I may have to parody (and fairly use!) MLP more often. I wonder when Season 4 starts.

Introducing the New Robot: You Hard Drive a Bargain

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Because Robots are Awesome Look, Karen, you knew what you were signing up for. Man, it hurts to link back to that comic. Why was my old artwork so horrible and bad?

Introducing the New Robot: Regarding Craigslist

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Robot Mart, Meet Susan: Coffee Slug “Shopping on Craigslist is exciting! Part of it is hoping you find a great deal. The other part is wondering if you’ll get murdered.” –Wes Molebash On a related note, you can buy Susan’s ASL Coffee mug on Cafepress, without the risks involved in […]

The Devastator Babies: Introducing the New Friend Paul Kennedy

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