The Devastator Babies: Introducing the New Friend Spencer Sullivan

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies, The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep Hey guys, welcome to another boring installment of my comic strip where nothing ever happens. Beat panels!

The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies That’s right, it’s a storyline, and it features Skip from Owen Heitmann’s Basic Wage Kids. I’ve been looking forward to this one. (Skip will actually physically show up in the next strip.) (Skip will actually physically show up later, but not in the next strip. We apologize for any inconvenience you […]

Always A Good Time

CALLBACKS: Owl City, Born This James, If You Were Really Sorry For Party Rocking You Would Stop Party Rocking Next Tuesday we shall find out exactly why James is so distraught by the new hit single by Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen. If you have not heard the new hit single by Owl City […]

Cerebus Dad: Internalizing Your Monologue

CALLBACKS: Cerebus Dad: Everything Is Ruined Forever, James vs. Howard, James vs. Jackson Thanks for your patience while I finish up this strip, guys. Trip to Florida threw my groove off a little. I did see John Carter while I was down there, though. Anyone else seen John Carter? What did you think of it?

Super Bowl Wrap Up

CALLBACKS: [insert callbacks here] [game summary/thoughts, end w/ witty quip] Also, don’t forget that this week is JBabb’s Post-Super-Bowl Commercial Comics Extravaganza! I can hardly wait to see what he’s got cooked up. Especially if he does a strip about the ad where _________________________.