Big O Parody Week: City Of Amnesia

CALLBACKS: Big O Parody Week: Showtime No Big O Parody Week would be complete without poking fun at the bizarre philosophical conceits found in the series. For all the fun, slam-bang mecha action and noir intrigue, it’s still got that anime tendency to turn into a total mishmash of incomprehensible plot twists and weird symbolism. […]

Big O Parody Week: Jumping Ship

CALLBACKS: Big O Parody Week: Showtime I took more than a few creative liberties with this strip. The line/scene from the first panel doesn’t appear verbatim anywhere in the series, although the creators included more than a few such Roger-Dorothy ship tease moments. Moreover, I don’t actually ship the two of them, so the second […]

Big O Parody Week: Massive Property Damage

CALLBACKS: Big O Parody Week: Showtime This was undoubtedly my brother’s favorite part of the anime. In an interview included on the DVD, the series creators as much as admitted that it was their favorite part too. The original artwork for this strip is available for purchase in the Sketch Comedy Store.

Big O Parody Week: Showtime

CALLBACKS: Chainsawsuit Parody Week, Descartes Week Welcome to Big O Parody Week! Every day this week there will be new comics spoofing The Big O anime, which I drew freehand on my vacation while watching the entirety of the DVD collection with my brother. Even if you have never seen an episode of The Big […]