Oh No, Another Fancomic by Matt Rizkallah!

Matt Rizkallah is back with more fancomics! The first fancomic posted above is old; it was originally displayed on the Facebook page. Matt has a blog, Bloggy Bloggerville, where he shares his short stories, thoughts on God, and favorite music. It is a pretty cool place. (For the curious among you, the original fancomic by […]

Fanart Monday

Sup, guys. It’s Fanart Monday. (It’s alliterative if you pretend that Monday is pronounced “Fmonday.”) One of the warehouse guys, Garrett, drew the following caricature of me, celebrating Fedora Friday. In retribution, I drew a caricature of him. Sketch Comedy does not endorse going drinking every Friday night–or, for that matter, Katy Perry. See you […]

Multitrack the Future

I think the reason that so many webcartoonists end up posting comic strip notes like “herp derp COMIC” is that they have spent up all their clever on the comic. Leastways that’s what I’m hoping. Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaames Oh hey! SC reader Matt has created another fan comic. Sam Fuhrman running from the mech is a nice […]