Friday Five: Wednesday One

Today’s Friday Five is any five strips from Robot Beach. Go ahead, pick your own five. You can look through the whole archives, it’s cool. Robot Beach is a strip about a robot on a deserted tropical island. Robot has no idea where he came from or how he came to be on the island, […]

Media Mediated: Friday Five on Monday Again

Welcome to the second installment of the Friday Five. Begun by Brian Russell, the Friday Five are the top five webcomic strips from the past week–only when we at Sketch Comedy do a Friday Five, we do it on other days of the week because we are contumacious and recalcitrant. Also we like to use […]

Media Mediated: Monday’s Friday Five

Brian Russell has started a cool thing: The Friday Five! Every Friday, he posts links to his favorite five webcomic posts that he’s read that past week. It’s like Wes Molebash’s Friday Faves but for webcomics! We at Sketch Comedy think this is such a great practice that we are going to adopt it ourselves. […]