Hot Vampire Romance

CALLBACKS: Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers, Situation Comedy Deliberately Antagonistic Twilight Sparkle is funny to me. I may have to parody (and fairly use!) MLP more often. I wonder when Season 4 starts.

The Devastator Babies: Really Important Groceries

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies, The Devastator Babies: Skip Roep Skip of the Basic Wage Kids finally makes an appearance! Check him out. Also, you can see a bonus post-punchline doodle by voting for Sketch Comedy at TopWebcomics.

Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers

CALLBACKS: My Little Sketchy: Cartooning Is Magic, Have A Hearthwarming Holiday You know I love My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic, but on more than one occasion Twilight’s been the butt of a joke about her overattention to detail. In Season 2, you could count on just about any Twilight-centered episode to exaggerate her bookishness […]