Guest Strip at The Underfold!

Guess what? I’ve got a guest strip up at The Underfold today! It is rife with Underfold in-jokes, both Ultimate and Silver Age. If you have come from The Underfold and are visiting Sketch Comedy for the first time, did you know that Underfold creator Brian Russell is a frequent visitor within Sketch Comedy? Check […]

Welcome Multiplex Readers!

I have a guest strip up at Multiplex today! To all the visitors coming over from Multiplex: welcome! Sketch Comedy is a metahumor-and-pop-culture-commentary strip that updates on Tuesdays, Fridays, and sometimes other days too. Gordon McAlpin himself has appeared as a character in it: not once, not twice, but three times! As movie enthusiasts, you […]

Guest Strip for Another Videogame Webcomic

Check it out, guys! I did a guest strip for Another Videogame Webcomic! Another Videogame Webcomic has a unique premise behind it: the cast of AVW literally works in video games. It’s not 100% clear whether they’re actors and producers “filming” the video game, or whether they’re actually performing the actions that game players input […]