Introducing the New Robot: Oh Come On

CALLBACKS: Discontinuities 1, Introducing the New Robot: Because Robots are Awesome On a related note, there are numerous ways you can support Sketch Comedy. Tell a friend, share us on your social networks, buy stuff in our store, and help us reach all sorts of demographics! I have no idea what I’m doing here.

The Devastator Babies: Epilogue

CALLBACKS: The Devastator Babies, The Devastator Babies: Introducing the New Friend Paul Kennedy, The Devastator Babies: Introducing the New Friend J.W. Geiger Who’s the chick with Skip? That’s Emma, the bassist for the Basic Wage Kids. If you’re not sure what Brian Russell is doing here, check this comment.

Super Bowl Wrap Up

CALLBACKS: [insert callbacks here] [game summary/thoughts, end w/ witty quip] Also, don’t forget that this week is JBabb’s Post-Super-Bowl Commercial Comics Extravaganza! I can hardly wait to see what he’s got cooked up. Especially if he does a strip about the ad where _________________________.

Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine: A Link to the Past

CALLBACKS: The Total Quarterback Rating Explained, Hot Tub Nostalgia Machine (bonus outtake panel available at the Facebook page) Today Sketch Comedy has a very special visitor: Brian Russell of The Underfold! You may recall him from his recent guest strip for us, or our recent guest strip for him. Today I had him over to […]

James vs. Jackson

CALLBACKS: This whole James thing in its entirety Thanks once again to Robert Montoya for co-writing on this one. And that’s enough of IMJ for now! Tune in next Tuesday for something with other characters. Maybe even trademarked ones In the meantime, have you checked out the Subscribers’ Edition lately? Over the past few weeks […]

Reader Mailbag: Bishop Berkeley

Thanks for the email, Chris B.! Props also to Robert Montoya for helping with the writing and research on this one. Somehow, I don’t think I had ever heard of Bishop Berkeley before fielding this question. It’s nice to have a wide receiver you can defer these things to.