The Grand Opening of the Zazzerpan the Learned Memorial Library Memorial Library

Increasingly, I’ve been abandoning the single-player version of Minecraft to build cooperatively with my internet friends. Gryfft has set up a server and named it “Zomboland,” after a certain webpage where you can do anything. And indeed, you can do anything in Zomboland! You can explore the mountains and caves, build towers, mine for gold, […]

Minecraft Monday

Good morning, everyone. You may recall my first post about Minecraft, in which I gave an introduction to Minecraft and briefly shared my gaming experience. Well, since then the game has gone into beta, seeing a slight price increase and a handful of new features and bug fixes, and I continue to play lots of […]

Media Mediated: Minecraft

I’ve been meaning to post another “Media Mediated” entry and criticize some of your favorite music, or maybe explain why you need to be reading MS Paint Adventures, but unfortunately my brain has been colonized by Minecraft. Minecraft is a computer game, currently in public alpha, where you collect stuff and build stuff during the […]