Hot Vampire Romance

CALLBACKS: Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers, Situation Comedy Deliberately Antagonistic Twilight Sparkle is funny to me. I may have to parody (and fairly use!) MLP more often. I wonder when Season 4 starts.

Presenting Your Obligatory My Little Pony Season 3 Conclusion Commentary Strip

CALLBACKS: Resomolutions III: The Soul-Searchening, Independent Brony James Check it out! Sketch Comedy now has its own TVTropes page! (Do not check it out if you have anything important to do in the next hour, though. TVTropes is seriously even worse a time-devouring brainial stimulation vortex than Wikipedia.)

My Little Cetch Skomedy: Copy-Pasting Is Magic

In the latest Cetch Skomedy, Pinkie Pie is severely weirded-out by the intrusion of Giant Matt Rizkallah. She flees his creepy presence, smiling all the while. Cetch Skomedy is getting to be a regular thing around here. Do you have fan art, strip rewrites, or absurdist postmodern mashups? Send them to jackson at thesketchy dot […]

Twilight Sparkle Gets Crunchy With The Numbers

CALLBACKS: My Little Sketchy: Cartooning Is Magic, Have A Hearthwarming Holiday You know I love My Little Pony: Frienship is Magic, but on more than one occasion Twilight’s been the butt of a joke about her overattention to detail. In Season 2, you could count on just about any Twilight-centered episode to exaggerate her bookishness […]

Independent Brony James

CALLBACKS: Resomolutions III: The Soul-Searchening, Nappy Zoo Gear, Multitrack the Future; I suppose Dwight’s chalkboard counts as a callback too maybe? ALSO! In case you missed it, be sure to check out Bonus Art Bmonday which is a thinly-veiled plug for the Sketch Comedy Facebook Page. There are sketches! One of them is of James!

Have A Hearthwarming Holiday

CALLBACKS: My Little Friendship: Friendship is Friendship If Descartes Week was my Christmas gift to you, then this comic is my Christmas gift to me. So…yeah. Ponies. On a Non-Pony-Related Note: I had a guest strip up at Multiplex yesterday! I did not have access to my computer at the time, so I drew it […]

My Little Sketchy: Cartooning Is Magic

CALLBACKS: And You Can’t Stop Me, LawsuitPool Yes, it is true. I am a brony. On a site-related note, it’s recently been brought to my attention that Sketch Comedy’s RSS feed is broken. I have been trying to fix the problem, and I will let you know as soon as the RSS is back up […]