Do What You Want To Do

CALLBACKS: Minecraft: Great, Minecraft II: Guess Who’s Back, Thinking Because I know someone is going to mistake him for like Independent Music James or something, the guy in panel 4 is Bloggy Bloggerville’s very own Matt Rizkallah!

Introducing the New Robot: Robot Mart

CALLBACKS: Introducing the New Robot: Reader Mailbag, Introducing the New Robot: Because Robots are Awesome For once, I have nothing self-deprecating to say about my artwork for this particular strip, but check back in three months.

Meet RedditMeet

Today I bring you not only an extra comic featuring Howard, but also a new way to network socially. You may check them both out at What is RedditMeet? The brainchild of Robert Gryfft (yes, that Robert Gryfft) and Nelson Blaha, RedditMeet is a new app for finding people near you with similar interests. […]