Guest Strip at The Underfold!

Guess what? I’ve got a guest strip up at The Underfold today! It is rife with Underfold in-jokes, both Ultimate and Silver Age. If you have come from The Underfold and are visiting Sketch Comedy for the first time, did you know that Underfold creator Brian Russell is a frequent visitor within Sketch Comedy? Check […]


An IM conversation that I had yesterday with the illustrious Brian C. Russell of The Underfold fame: Brian: Good Monday to you, sir. Jackson: Indubitably, my good fellow. Jackson: A good Monday to you as well! Jackson: ::vomits monocles:: Brian: hahah Jackson: How fare you this fine Mon– Jackson: –hnkg– Jackson: this fine Mon– Jackson: […]

Guest Strip By Brian Russell

Happy Friday, everyone! While I persist in my vacationings, Brian Russell of The Underfold has appeared to deconstruct my hot tub comics and ruin my artistic vision forever. Thanks, Brian! The Underfold is currently in the middle of a storyline, which I recommend catching up on from its beginning if you haven’t already. Also, in […]