The Freshest Parts

Original Comic: Sep 24, 2015 In 2015, I started working a part-time job at J&N Electric, an automotive parts distributor. While packing orders, these are the sorts of thoughts that pop into my head. Pledge on Patreon to get early comic-strip access and allow me to make more comics about the random, nigh-unintelligible ideas that […]

The Revenge Of The Warehouse Guys 2

Hey, guys, it’s Dave! We hacked into Jackson’s site and now we’re gonna be bringing you Warehouse Guy comics every day of the week! We’ll write a new about page and a new store and stuff just as soon as we figure out how to change everything, but for now we’ve got a new logo […]

I am a Purchasing Rockstar: We Mean Business

CALLBACKS: You know the drill Here, everyone. Have some more nigh-verbatim cartoonized conversations from my workplace. Also have a desktop. Assuming that you haven’t had it already, I mean. There are various sizes to fit your desktop available on the extras page.