Kind of a Big Deal

There is another new bonus comic up in the Subscriber’s Edition. I’m enjoying these single-panel bonuses. The single frame to work in is stretching my humor muscles in ways I’m not used to. Also, since I’m only drawing one image, I can add shading and pay more attention to detail, and indulge in other luxuries […]

Howard’s Reality

Yes, technically furries are people who are INTO anthropomorphic animal characters, not the animal characters themselves, and it is the latter that Jackson is suggesting he turn Howard into. But ‘anthropomorphic animal character’ doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Besides, Jackson has at times shown himself to be kind of stupid, so failing to note […]

Minecraft: Epilogue

Now that we are out of Minecraft-world, we can get back to having spatially consistent backgrounds. This is because, instead of pasting them from fifty different screenshots taken from ten distinct games of Minecraft, we will simply be pasting the same background into every frame.