A Spaceship That Is Not Actually A Spaceship

Original Comic: Published Apr 18, 2016
Sponsor: Robert Gryfft
Theme: A Spaceship that Is Not Actually a Spaceship

This was a great theme to work with. Thanks for your sponsorship, Gryfft!

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The MacGuffin

Original Comic: Published Mar 28, 2016
Sponsor: Robert Gryfft
Theme: The MacGuffin

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The Soul Of Wit

Original Comic: Published Mar 21, 2016
Sponsor: Dwight Knoll
Theme: Laconicity

Fond as I am of verbosity, I rarely draw wordless comics, but Dwight’s selected theme was an exciting opportunity to try something I don’t usually do, while paying homage to visual gags developed by such cartooning greats as Charles Schulz and Bill Watterson. It’s an homage! It’s not a rip-off!

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Breaking Science News

Original Comic: Published Mar 10, 2016

They probably don’t even play this song on the radio anymore.

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Anyway, long-time Sketch Comedy readers may recognize Amy in the first panel. Way to get yourself a job at SNN, Amy. Go you.

Bernie Sanders

Original Comic: Published Feb 19, 2016
Sponsor: Robert Gryfft
Theme: Bernie Sanders

Even today, after the 2016 primary elections, this strip’s political commentary remains timely and relevant.

Also, I’m not even kidding about the number jokes.

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Dwight Requires Pterodactyls

Original Comic: Published Feb 14, 2016
Sponsor: Dwight Knoll
Theme: James meets the pterodactyl

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Original Comic: Published Jan 27, 2016
Sponsor: Dwight Knoll
Theme: The “sootballs” from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away

Of course James uses the original Japanese term for the Sootballs. Of course he does.

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