On Trilogies Original And Otherwise

Original Comic: Published Jan 26, 2016

Dwight Knoll sponsored this strip on the Sketch Comedy Patreon, selecting a parody-and-fair-use-style appearance from Totoro as his theme. Moreover, this comic was co-written by SC Patron Robert Gryfft, who at my request wrote his own lines for his appearance in this strip! See how much fun and interactivity we have at the Sketch Comedy Patreon? Pledge today!

Getting Back To Not Getting Back To Anything

Original Comic: Jan 13, 2016

Leaning on old tropes and running gags, it’s Sketch Comedy!

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Becky And The Pterodactyl

Original Comic: Published Dec 31, 2015

Continuity! Heavens!

I’ve got something I want to share with you. To create this comic, I brainstormed a list of annoying activities for the pterodactyl, then picked the funniest ones for it to afflict Becky with. Here’s a sample of the┬álist:

  • Listening without headphones to music in a genre I dislike while riding riding public transportation
  • Espousing views and opinions contrary to my own
  • Hijacking the conversation
  • Outsourcing American jobs to foreign labor
  • Posting Star Wars spoilers on the internet
  • Mansplaining
  • Double-dipping
  • Taking the last deviled egg without asking if anyone else wants the last deviled egg
  • Interrupting my Me Time
  • Infringing upon my second amendment rights
  • Conducting routine server maintenance during peak access hours

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Wacky Shenanigans

Original Comic: Dec 14, 2015

Picking up from James’ and my falling-out before we were derailed by a thinly-veiled shill featuring Action Robot, it’s time for some wacky shenanigans with Becky and a new character! I hope you like pterosaurs!

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Only You Can See Him

Original Comic: Nov 30, 2015

This comic made more sense when it was a Patreon exclusive, but on the upside, at least we’ve apparently fixed whatever went wrong with the science. It’s your old friend, Action Robot of Action Robot Adventures!

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Oh Right This Is Sketch Comedy

Original Comic: Oct 28, 2015

At this point, I realized that all my Patreon comics up to this point had featured only me and no other members of the Sketch Comedy cast. Obviously, that had to be rectified. And James was the one to rectify it.

FUN FACT: I lost the original PSD file for this strip, and had to salvage the art from the AI file that I used for the lettering!

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The Freshest Parts

Original Comic: Sep 24, 2015

In 2015, I started working a part-time job at J&N Electric, an automotive parts distributor. While packing orders, these are the sorts of thoughts that pop into my head.

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Coming Strong Right Out Of The Gate Again

Original Comic: Aug 21, 2015

I wanted to make a good first impression when launching my Patreon. So of course I led with this strip.

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Without Me

Original Comic: Sep 6, 2016

Guess who’s back
Back again
Sketchy’s back
Tell a friend

That’s right, Sketch Comedy is back! Thanks to the generous support of my patrons on Patreon, you too can once again experience the joy of Sketch Comedy and also my adverbs. When you pledge to the Sketch Comedy Patreon, you get early access to comics before they’re published here on the site, plus other bonuses depending on your pledge level!

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Sketch Comedy Moves To Patreon

This strip was originally published in the main archives on August 31, 2015, but now that the Patreon comics are being released to the general public, it is no longer quite so relevant. Still, I preserve it here in the blog for those interested in this moment in the history of the Sketch Comedy!

It was also accompanied by this graphic plugging the Sketch Comedy Patreon. Even to this day, I’m still rather pleased with that logo.