It’s Cool Project Friday

People use the internet to do cool things. You knew that already; you are visiting this site. But two of my friends are using the internet to do some cool things that you may not be aware of. I would like to inform you of their cool things:

Peter Metzger is using Kickstarter to launch the Envision Skate Collective. The plan for Envision is threefold: sell handmade longboards online, cultivate a community of skateboard builders, and use 50% of net profits to fund service projects. Beyond such simple projects as sponsoring a park clean-up day or donating to a food pantry, Metzger plans for Envision to provide a well to a region without clean water through charity: water by the end of its second year. In Peter’s own words, Envision Skate Collective is “an online longboard store that’s more than just an online longboard store.” Visit his project’s Kickstarter page, learn more, and lend your support.

Secondly, author Michael Barron has completed his novel Wilderness, and is seeking a publisher for it. Wilderness is the story of a nine-year-old boy, Lee, who finds the gateway to a dangerous world of talking animals and ancient spirits in the woods behind his house. With his family on the verge of losing their house, Lee takes a risk and searches the other world for a treasure that could save his home. Michael describes it as “if Calvin and Hobbes were written by Neil Gaiman.” Check it out at The Wilderness Homepage, or become a fan on Facebook.

These are my friends. As you can see, their things are cool.

Okay. So. Comic.

If you like Sketch Comedy, you will probably also like Okay So Comic. Like Sketch Comedy, it is a comic about a guy making a comic. Unlike Sketch Comedy, it has a bigger archive, and updates three times a week instead of two; also instead of a wizard it has a monkey.

So it is like Sketch Comedy in some respects, and unlike it in other respects. Is it better than Sketch Comedy? By virtue of the larger archive, I would probably have to say yes.


The Curse Of Halloween

We interrupt your regularly scheduled thing with a wizard to bring you Halloween.

Joe Harris, the Sketch Comedy colorist, makes his first appearance in this strip. Joe will have a color version of this strip soon for the Subscriber’s Edition, but in the meantime, subscribers can enjoy a special full-page Pungirls comic.

UPDATE: Joe has delivered the goods, and the color strip is in the subscriber feed. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Theedback Thursday

It’s Theedback Thursday! We call it Theedback Thursday so that it’s alliterative.

What would you like to see in the way of extra things down here in the blog? What would you like to see as bonuses for the subscriber’s edition? Do you like the sketches and doodles? The TV and movie reviews? Extra strips? Is there anything you haven’t seen yet that you’d like to see? We earnestly desire your theedback.