Sketch Comedy on Patreon?

While I’ve been working on my long-form comic book project Space Trader (which you can read about by subscribing to The Big J), I’ve started missing the simplicity of comic strips and jokes. Thus, I’ve been mulling over bringing Sketch Comedy back via Patreon–a service that allows you to support creators and receive exclusive content for a monthly pledge.

At this point, I’m gauging interest. Would you be willing to pledge at least one dollar a month for at least one comic a month? As more people subscribe, I would be able to increase the number of monthly comics via stretch goals, at no additional cost to you. If that sounds like it’d be worth your hard-earned dollars, please answer this quick, one-question survey!

You can also let me know your interest via email, tweet, or Facebook message.

I would not be launching this project until I’m finished with Space Trader. Rest assured that finishing mine and my brother’s sci-fi comic is my number-one creative priority!

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Get Up

Hey, everyone! I am pleased to announce the launch of my official creative project newsletter:


I encourage you to subscribe today! I will be publishing news and progress updates on my current comic project, Space Trader (working title), which has been previously mentioned in the blog! Space Trader is a 30-page sci-fi comic book in the spirit of such classics as Firefly and “Han Solo, Day Trader.” My brother, David Ferrell, wrote it, and I am in the process of drawing it! When you subscribe to The Big J, you not only get the latest updates on Space Trader, but also my future creative projects! If I decide to start updating Sketch Comedy again, or launch any of the spin-off projects I’ve been considering (e.g. The Independently Musical Adventures of James Andrzejewski or HowardQuest: The Video Game, you will hear about it first through The Big J.

I also wanted to explain why I chose the word “failure” in this particular strip. Sketch Comedy served as a creative outlet for me, it met my goal of at least breaking even financially, and it helped me develop my cartooning and website development/management skills; in those respects I consider it a success. However, every year since I launched SC in October of 2010, I resolved to reach 1,000 average daily visitors to the site, and every year I failed to achieve my resolution. While I was updating, the daily average came out closer to 100. This wasn’t the only reason that I decided to put the strip on hiatus, but it was a factor. I’m trying new things and exploring new approaches, but you can bet I’m still comics.

To all my regular readers: thanks for indulging my illustrated navel-gazing and inscrutable esoteric interests. You can continue to keep up with me via Twitter, The Deev, and now, The Big J.

LawsuitPool Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Greetings, everyone! Ash Green of Plan X Media has–okay, you know what, it’s 9:15 PM and I haven’t even fixed dinner yet. Watch Ash’s Ice Bucket Challenge, in which he challenges me and LawsuitPool:

I donated to the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (which conducts is research using only adult stem cells). LawsuitPool…well, didn’t.